DPX 100 series

DPX 100 series
Extremely compact high-pressure plunger pump

DP 200 series

DP 200 series
plunger pumpe

DP 400 series

DP 400 series
plunger pump

DP 500 series

DP 500 series
High-pressure plunger pump
for large volumes


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Pump units

We have the experience and capabilities to provide you with complete assembly skids, which are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Our standard system’s main components (triplex plunger pump, transmission and motor) are installed side by side on one level with the couplings in between. This provides easy access for maintenance and repair.

Compact version of the DP 212 pump unit

We also supply a compact version with a streamlined space-saving layout. In this version the drive motor is mounted directly on the pump and connected by a vertical transmission. The unique design of this skid allows for a wide range of ancillary components including: pulsation dampeners, circulation units, safety devices, electronic monitoring and electric controls.

Sample pump units

DP 212 pump skid for press drives
DP 207 pump skid for descaling copper
Dual DP 207 pump skid
DP 405 pump skid for Morgoil
DP 205 pump skid in compact design for cleaning and deburring

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