DPX 100 series

DPX 100 series
Extremely compact high-pressure plunger pump

DP 200 series

DP 200 series
plunger pumpe

DP 400 series

DP 400 series
plunger pump

DP 500 series

DP 500 series
High-pressure plunger pump
for large volumes


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High pressure plunger pumps of a descaling plant


Our systems are delivering maximum reliability and durability worldwide.

The outstanding quality of the components along with their optimized design, make Wepuko PAHNKE pumps, power units and systems ideal for continuous three-shift operation. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!



Pump units in a pressurised water system.

Pressurized water systems

We supply pressurized water systems, which hold water and compressed air in large pressure vessels. The compressed air accumulates the energy and the water transfers the energy. The pressure accumulator is charged in the pauses between the operating cycles.

Pressure accumulators are especially suitable for applications with long cycle times. This is where they are the most efficient solution, allowing for significant energy cost savings.

Our pressure accumulators are utilized for both descaling applications, as well as hydraulic drives for forging presses.



DP 212 pump skid for press drives
Water-hydraulic press drive

Water-hydraulic press drives

Wepuko PAHNKE has been manufacturing water-hydraulic press drives for more than 80 years! These drives continue to be utilized today in the steel & metal industry as well as the wood, rubber, plastics and automotive industries.

Descaling plants

Descaling system
Spray booth with spray ring for the descaling of billets.

Wepuko PAHNKE supplies complete descaling systems that are tailored to the unique requirements of customers. Depending on the specified cycle times, descaling systems generally come in two versions: as pressurized water systems or as direct descaling systems.  

Wepuko PAHNKE technology proves itself every day in more than 100 continuously operating descaling systems worldwide.

Our strength is in our in-depth industry knowledge. We’ve been manufacturing hydraulic forging presses for decades and we understand the demands and requirements of the industry.

Global references - Water Hydraulics

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