RX series
Radial piston pumps with variable flow rate 

RV series
Radial piston pumps with variable flow rate

RF series
Radial piston pumps with constant flow rate

RH series
Radial piston pumps with constant flow rate


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Heavy industry hydraulic power unit

Heavy machine drives

Our oil-hydraulic drive systems are designed for maximum reliability, durability and most importantly, the lowest possible power consumption. The associated energy savings provide our customers with the highest possible productivity and profitability, while also making a meaningful contribution to the preservation of our environment.

Applications include drives for heavy hydraulic forging presses, large closed-die forging presses, steel extrusion presses and heavy marine hydraulics.

A special feature of our drive systems is the shock-free and energy-saving PMSD drive, in which the operating cylinder are driven directly by our servo-controlled high-pressure radial piston pumps without the interposition of control or regulating valves.

Our small drive units start at 675 hp of installed capacity. With our large plant of 40,000 hp of installed capacity, we without a doubt have delivered the world's largest hydraulic system.

Wepuko PAHNKE’s PMSD drive

PMSD stands for PAHNKE Modified Sinusoidal Direct drive. This is a design developed by PAHNKE Engineering in accordance with plans from Hans-Joachim Pahnke.

This drive does not require any valves for the control of the press movement. The RX-series high-pressure pumps are able to determine the force, speed and direction in a fast, smooth (shock free) and efficient manner. These pumps are extremely reliable and will perform flawlessly for at least 30,000 hours. Some of our customers have logged more than 50,000 hours of operation without needing any repairs!

Energy savings of approximately 25% vs. any other drive system of comparable drive system is achieved as a result of this brilliant design. All of our new presses are equipped with hydraulic drives that are designed and manufactured in accordance with the PMSD principle.

16-pump PMSD drive of an 8,000/10,000 ton press.

The most powerful hydraulic plant in the world

Based on the PMSD drive, we have designed the 42-pump drive (RX 500), the most powerful hydraulic plant in the world. With 40,000 hp installed power, it operates a 40,500 ton steel extrusion press and a 16,750 ton preforming press for Norheinco, China.