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Quality is our strength

Our product innovation team works hard to ensure the mechanical, hydraulic, auxiliary units, and controls perform seamlessly together, providing our customers with a strong and reliable system.

Please select a product group:

> Open die forging presses
> Closed die forging presses
> Special presses
> Oil-hydraulic drives for forging presses
> Water-hydraulic drives for forging presses
> Press control systems 
> Forging manipulators
> Ancillary units and accessories

We supply turn-key systems for both open-die and closed-die forging presses. We check and organize forging programs, select the required machines, calculate production time & costs, and provide economic viability calculations.

After careful analysis, WPE designs and provides custom presses, foundations, hydraulic drives, electronic controls, auxiliary systems, commissioning, and ongoing service programs.

References - Hydraulic Forging Presses

Union Electric, Weber Metals, Standard Steel, TIMET, Mattco Forge, Press Forge, Sierra Alloys, Jorgensen Forge, Ellwood Texas Forge, Alcoa, and other prominent forging companies.

Brazil: Villares Metals • China: Baoti, CITIC Heavy Industries, Nanjing Develop, Norheinco, Tong Di • France: Creusot Forge • Germany: Buderus Edelstahl, Otto Fuchs, Technische Universität Freiberg • Russia: VSMPO • Sweden: Mefos, Sandvik • and other global forging companies.