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Light metal industry

Even in the case of light metals, the properties of forged products, such as those made of aluminum or magnesium and their alloys, are becoming increasingly popular since considerably higher demands can be met with less material expense.

Here, our forging machines function to some extent as preforming units (open die presses). Most frequently, however, they are used as closed die forging presses for vehicle parts or large forgings for aircraft construction.

References - Hydraulic Forging Presses

Union Electric, Weber Metals, Standard Steel, TIMET, Mattco Forge, Press Forge, Sierra Alloys, Jorgensen Forge, Ellwood Texas Forge, Alcoa, and other prominent forging companies.

Brazil: Villares Metals • China: Baoti, CITIC Heavy Industries, Nanjing Develop, Norheinco, Tong Di • France: Creusot Forge • Germany: Buderus Edelstahl, Otto Fuchs, Technische Universität Freiberg • Russia: VSMPO • Sweden: Mefos, Sandvik • and other global forging companies.