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Staying ahead of the market

What does your market need today and in the years ahead?  This question excites the design engineers at WPE.  Their work involves creating innovative solutions for special customer requirements and opening up new fields of application.  


Research and development is a top priority for us. This is the only way to achieve our goal of manufacturing reliable, sturdy and efficient machinery for the next 80 years!

We focus on an intensive exchange of ideas and concepts in order to develop coherent & optimized solutions for our customers. 

Quality standards

At Wepuko PAHNKE, we constantly re-invent our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. 

Our presses and pumps fulfill extreme requirements when it comes to load capacity and reliability. As many of our products are custom-made & designed, we emphasize our planning & simulation phase of development. Even small changes have major effects on the occurring forces and material stresses.

Virtual development processes are increasingly gaining importance as they ensure high quality with short development times. In many cases, we provide our customers with an initial feasibility study and test calculations along with our proposals. 

Finite element analysis (FEA)

We utilize the latest FEA simulation tools to analyze mechanical stability and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to inspect the fluid mechanics of components. These tools enable us to develop and manufacture new & custom products quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Our test bench subjects the end product to an extensive test procedure allowing us to guarantee the requested product properties, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.