Wepuko Pahnke Engineering (WPE) is the result of the merging of two partners - Wepuko Hydraulic USA and Pahnke Engineering.

In depth technical knowledge and expertise of the fields we serve provides our customers with reliable and efficient components and systems.

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Wepuko pumps being manufactured in 1936.

Wepuko Hydraulics USA & Pahnke Engineering Co :

Wepuko Hydraulik GmbH has been manufacturing high-pressure pumps for water and oil hydraulics since 1932 with head offices and manufacturing facilities located in Metzingen, southwest Germany, not far from Stuttgart.

Pahnke Engineering GmbH was founded outside Düsseldorf in 1973 after the Sack Company was taken over by Demag. Pahnke had many very successful years designing and supplying forging presses and systems throughout the world until they were absorbed by Siempelkamp in 1997.

Wepuko and Pahnke have been represented in North America for 30 years. After many successful years of association with Pressure Systems Industries, Inc. (PSI) of Enon, Ohio, Pahnke Engineering Co (PEC) was founded in Springfield, Ohio in 1990 to handle the distribution of Wepuko pumps and expand the market for Pahnke presses and systems in North America. When PSI closed in 1992, PEC purchased all of their files and drawings so that PEC could continue to service the many presses and systems installed by PSI since 1974.

The North American market for Wepuko pumps continued to expand, supplying a variety of industry sectors by providing top of the line high-pressure hydraulic oil, water and chemical pumps for manufacturers of presses, rolling mill plants etc.. A separate company, Wepuko Hydraulics USA, was formed in 1997 to concentrate on this rapidly expanding pump market.

Meanwhile Pahnke Engineering Co, now under the wing of Siempelkamp, continued as a marketer to the forging industry until the partnership with the German giant was dissolved in 2001, enabling Pahnke to concentrate on the support of forgers throughout the USA and abroad.

In January 2003 Wepuko Hydraulics USA re-merged with Pahnke Engineering to become Wepuko Pahnke Engineering LP and the separate companies were back as one after 6 years apart.

In addition to the design and manufacture of specialized forging systems and presses WPE is the lead North American distributor of Wepuko GmbH products and also services and supports the worldwide systems, presses and pumps supplied over the last 30 years by PSI, Pahnke and Wepuko.

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